Welcome to a new way of putting an edge on your tools.

The Surgi-Sharp® method takes you beyond the standard edge. Whether you have pocket knives, cutting tools, wood chisels, or ax heads, the Surgi-Sharp system can make them cut like never before.

The Surgi-Sharp sharpening system will provide the absolute sharpest edge available in the industry. Our product quality control cannot be surpassed. Our systems depart from the conventional methods of sharpening. Our objective is to provide products which will sharpen and hone your tools to a surgical edge in the fastest possible time with the minimum loss of metal on the cutting edge.

The Surgi-Sharp honing process is much like that of a barber’s strop; except a motor provides the power. Our leather honing equipment operates on the common tools which are available in most shops.

Don’t let the simplicity or the low price of this tool fool you. Once you own one, you’ll wonder how you did without this high quality edge on your tools.